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Dirk Bourguignon - Sharp Edge BelgiumDirk Bourguignon born in 1964 is forge master at the renowned Forge of Ostiches and ABS Instructor. Dirk got graduated as butcher/deli at a early age and after a house purchase in the "Pays des Collines", he develop a passion for experimental archeology experimenting with lost wax, bronze-silver and many other techniques. Using knives in his every day work as a butcher his passion led him quite naturally to knife making. He inherited the anvil of the village blacksmith and the adventure begon ... Dirk traveled to eastern countries at the discovery of Damascus technique and sealed a true friendship with Joëlle LeBlanc with whom he developed the gas forge that is still used today by many knife makers. Dirk produced a lot of knives and from failed experiments to successful exhibitions experiences, his quest for better tools and understanding of the knife makers needs developed accordingly. His meeting with Julie Volkaert seals their fate. They married in June 2014 and jointly founded SHARP EDGE now providing you with the fruit of years of experience including Damascus and tips for professional and amateur bladesmith.
  • Forging the blade
  • Dirk Bourguignon knife
  • Damascus explosion pattern




Selling Abrasives from the major brand Awuko All belt types Rigid/Flex and Sanding rolls of various grains: 36, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800 ...
  • Awuko Abrasive brand
  • Abrasives
  • Abarasives close-up
  • Abrasives order


Nickel silver / Mailleshort Yellow: 1mm x 200mm x 600mm Nickel silver / Mailleshort White: 1,2mm Sheet on demand Steel 1.28.42 / O2 56mm x 6mm x 1000mm Steel 1.28.42 / O2 100mm x 6mm x 100mm 75MI8 Sheet 1mm x 180mm x 1000mm 51CrV4 Bars 40mm diameter on demand 15N20 on demand Guards Carbon Steel/Stainless precut. Various size on demand
  • Damascus billet ongoing
  • Damascus pattern
  • Precut guards
  • Sharp edge keyholder

Heat treating

SharpEdge can help you to heat treat any kind of steel. SharpEdge can also propose you professional anti-scale coating products to reduce the oxidation during annealing and hardening phases.
  • Electric Oven
  • Tempering
  • Heat treatment
  • Steel grain

Seminars & Advice

Sharp Edge propose you one-day Knife forging initiation at the forge of Ostiches generally organized on Wednesdays. We also propose you master classes with various themes such as Damascus Initiation and specific Damascus pattern workshop. Fell free to contact us by phone or email for specific requests.
  • Initiation seminar
  • Damascus advice and demonstration
  • Master class
  • Amercian Bladesmith Society seminar

Forge d'Ostiches

The forge is located in the beautiful Belgian village of Ostiches just south of Brussels. It is open every Saturday morning from 8:00 until 12:00. Visit the forge website here: La forge d'Ostiches
Forge Ostiches


For more information on our products and prices contact us directly with our email address: sharp.edge.2014@gmail.com or by phone at the following number: +32 495 67 02 59


Marc Barre - Backstand
Are you looking for a quality Belt grinder satisfying the most demanding knifemaker ? Marc is producing high quality belt grinders. Technical specs and photos coming soon. Contact Sharp Edge for more information.

Marc Barre - Gas Forge
Are you looking for a quality gas forge satisfying the most demanding knifemaker ? Marc is producing one and two burner gas forge. Technical specs and photos coming soon. Contact Sharp Edge for more information.